Books help you gain knowledge. If you are an artist, then there is no better thing than reading a book as it will help you to explore new ideas and brush up your skills so that you can become a better artist. Here are some great books on illustrators that you should read.

Featured image Books How to be an Illustrator - Books

How to be an Illustrator

By – Darrel Rees

It is a great book for aspiring artists. It will be very helpful for you if you want to become an illustrator specifically. You will know how to create your portfolio, approach different clients for work, and more.

The book even details how to complete a job from scratch and managing your workflow. You will learn how to set up your studio without any hassle.

Featured image Books Show Your Work - Books

Show Your Work

By – Austin Kleon

There is competition everywhere and illustrators also have to compete with each other. As an illustrator, you need to make your work stand out from others. Here you will get tips on how to showcase your work and how to deal with ups and downs in your career. You will also know how to be more productive and produce good quality work.

Featured image Books Fifty Years of Illustration - Books

Fifty Years of Illustration

By – Lawrence Zeegen and Caroline Roberts

This book is about the history of illustration. You will know how different factors like culture, society, politics, and others have influenced this field. You will know how this industry evolved over the years.

Featured image Books The Animators Survival Kit - Books

The Animator’s Survival Kit

By – Richard Williams

This book will tell you how to tell a story visually. You will learn how to draw, give the right posture and movement so that the characters look like a real life being. If you want to become an animator, then this is a good book to read.

Featured image Books Art Inc - Books

Art Inc.

By- Lisa Congdon

Here you will get lots of tips on how to promote your work and find ways to sell your art pieces. The writer shares her own experience on how she overcame various obstacles to become successful. This book will teach you how to earn money from your artwork.  These books will help to improve your skills and give you the right direction to become an illustrator. You will find these books very useful for your career as an illustrator.