Welcome to Nicholas Jackson! This magazine is about everything related to art and illustrations. Art is a wonderful way of expressing your emotions. It has been used since prehistoric times as an important form of communication.

The things that cannot be expressed clearly with words, can be expressed in the form of art. 

Over the years, we have seen the artworks of many famous artists like Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gough, and others. They are an inspiration to modern artists today.

People still long to see their art and some are ready to pay millions of pounds to keep their work at home. You can see the art of great artists in museums across the world.

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In this magazine, you will learn about the lives of these famous artists and know how they became so successful. You will know what inspired them to work and their most beautiful art pieces.

Art has various forms. You will learn about them when you subscribe to the Nicholas Jackson magazine. Paper and paint are not the only media of art. You will learn about modern art forms. Illustrators are also very high in demand nowadays.

Due to the innovation of technology, many artists are moving towards the digital platform. The illustrations that you see on different websites, books, or company logos are creative works of talented illustrators. The scope of the magazine reaches within the realm of digital illustration too.

Technology has changed the way illustrators or artists work. Now you will find lots of software that makes the artists’ work easier. It also makes room for creativity. The best thing about this magazine is that it is very colourful. You will love the work of the artists and illustrators we share in our magazine.

If you have an interest in art, then you will find this magazine very useful and entertaining. It is also a great read for aspiring artists. You will know about various job opportunities and training programs that can help you to pursue your dreams.  We publish the latest news about art exhibitions so that you can attend those. You will get to know about the latest works of your favourite artists as well. Thank you for visiting our site.