Art exhibitions take place throughout the year. These are events that showcase the artworks of contemporary and classic artists as well. If you are an artist, you must visit these exhibitions as you will get to see the works of successful artists around the globe.

You will get lots of inspiration from their works. Here are the top art events that take place every year.

Masterpiece London Art Fair

Featured image Events Masterpiece London Art Fair - Events

This exhibition is taking place in 2020. It displays art, furniture, and jewellery. Visitors can buy these items if they like. If you are an art collector, then here is your opportunity to spot something exceptional. You will find exhibitors from around the world here.


Featured image Events Artissima - Events

It is a contemporary art fair held in Italy. The focus of this event is research and experimentation. Various art galleries from all over the world participate in this fair. It creates opportunities for aspiring artists to showcase their work.

Affordable Art Fair

Featured image Events Affordable Art Fair - Events

This event is held in different cities at different times of the year. It is held to showcase the works of contemporary artists. If you are an admirer of art, it is a great opportunity to buy the finest art piece from this fair. You will find paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs.

Volta New York

Featured image Events Volta New York - Events

It is a great event which showcases new and mid-career artists. If you are a seasoned collector, you might find the right art pieces for your collection. 

The Armory Show

Featured image Events The Armory Show - Events

It displays the 20th and 21st-century arts. You can see the works of modern artists and compare how their thoughts are different from classic artists. 

These events are fun, interesting and a great learning journey for aspiring artists, art collectors, and art lovers. You will be able to look at the best works of artists from around the world.

You get the opportunity to build a network and discuss things related to art with the experts.  These exhibitions will help you to think outside the box and rediscover yourself as an artist. The works of other artists will inspire you and teach you some new skills. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go to these events to learn more about contemporary art.